Our Juices

Our juices are cold-pressed. 
Keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days. Shake before drinking.
You may have a few more questions, so let us answer them.
What is cold-pressed juice?
The term cold-pressed relates to how the juice is made. Our juices are made by first crushing the ingredient and then pressing it. This process is done at such a slow rate, that no heat is generated, resulting in more of the nutrients being retained. 
Why do the juices only have a 3 day shelf life?
Most juices you see today have gone through a process called pasteurisation, which involves heating up the juice to kill the bad bacteria in order to increase the shelf life.
Our juices are simply made using nothing but fruit and veg, we do not put or do anything else to them. Eventually they go bad. 
What are the benefits of drinking fresh cold-pressed juice?
During the process of pasteurisation, most important enzymes and micronutrients which are extremely good for the body are also destroyed. In addition to this, many of the juices you see today are full of additives, preservatives and added sugar. Our cold-pressed juices are simply fresh fruit and vegetables in a bottle, that you can drink.
In short, it's good for you and tastes amazing.
Here is the long version:
  • Drinking fresh juice allows the body to quickly absorb nutrition of high-quality, leading to increased energy levels.
  • Drinking fresh juice is an excellent source of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates. These feed every cell in your body, making you a healthy person in every way.
  • Many people find that not all fruit and vegetables are appetizing to eat raw, by juicing you incorporate these into your diet in a way that is extremely healthy but equally as important and tasty!
  • By drinking the juice you stay hydrated.
  • Dark green vegetables, especially leafy greens, can boost your health and vitality. They have an abundance of nutrients in them, everything from iron to protein, to vitamin C.
  • By drinking fresh juice, you get more of the valuable vitamins and nutrients in your body, as cold-pressed extracts the optimum amount compared to other methods.
  • Juicing can result in clear, smooth and hydrated skin. It can also help you in weight loss and maintaining your healthy weight.
  • Drinking fresh juice is simply easier to digest!
  • In short, it's good for you and tastes amazing.

Are the bottles Eco-friendly?

Our bottles are made from rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate), which is created by recycling previously used plastics. rPET is again recycled in the same way as traditional plastics, so you should recycle them in the normal way. rPET has many great properties that make it a fantastic sustainable solution, however we are always trying to be better and looking at alternative packaging solutions that is both cleaner and greener for the environment. 


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