Our Story

Our Mission:

To inspire consumers to maintain a healthy and vibrant lifestyle and contribute to their well-being.


Hi there, I'm Jay and I'm the proud owner of thefruitory.

(the guy on the right, not left - that's Levi Roots!)



 Always wanting to have my own business, I first set up our juice shack in Loughborugh town centre, almost four years ago. Since starting, I can confirm that it most definitely has been a roller coaster of a ride, just as they say it is. 

From our first summer spent serving the lovely people of Loughborough, we then took to festivals and events across the country. After 2 great summers, squeezing fruit across the UK, we got ready for another, then the world came to a sudden standstill.

As Gabrielle Bernstein says, obstacles are detours in the right direction. When COVID-19 hit, we had to adapt and that's exactly what we did. Since then we have met so many amazing people whilst delivering to them fresh fruit, veg, salad and juices. As times are constantly changing, we have decided to continue our home delivery service.

The world we live in today has made people more and more health conscious, and more than ever before people are devoting time and effort to living a healthier lifestyle. The Fruitory offers a great solution to people wanting to make a change, offering super healthy fresh produce and juices delivered directly to them.


 Thank you for taking the time to read this, we are still very busy writing our story, and are excited for what lies ahead in our journey. 


Keep in touch.


squeeze the day. everyday.